Circus Clowns

gene candeloro
2 min readAug 16, 2019

It was a bitch of a hot day and showing houses in this heat was not making it any less bitchy. Yet another 90+ day!

My buddy, Dale, called me.

Dale: “Beers?”

Me: “Definitely!”

We met at our favorite watering hole downtown.

He bitched about his grueling, thankless work as a copywriter at a radio station. He was really smart and, somewhat, socially awkward. Good guy, though.

We got a pitcher of our local brew and talked about life.

Two sweet young lovelies walked by. I invited them, almost as a reaction. “Join us, ladies?”

They looked us over — a curious, handsome, sexy guy and a long hair that definitely had possibilities.

They both worked at the local enormous insurance company in downtown. Dale and I would rather slit our wrists before being trapped in there all day.

They asked, “What you guys do?” Dale let me handle it.

“Circus clowns.” And I left it at that.

I could see the bewilderment on their faces. Then, the cute redhead said, “No. Really?”

I said, “Yeah, we are just passing through with the circus.”

“Dale is actually the only white circus clown that has ever been invited to work with the all Negro circus. Quite an honor.”

Now they were totally perplexed. These guys for real or putting us on?

They tried with all sorts of questions but Dale, who is really sharp, got into it.

“How about you?” they asked, thinking they could pin me down.

“You know that little car that 12 clowns get out of? I drive it!”

We had them spinning. Then something magical happened we all bonded and had a great night.

I’m sure deep down they knew we were bullshitters, but it didn’t matter. Any two guys that were that creative needed their full attention. We had an amazing fun night and became good friends.

Life is amazing. Forget about all the craziness of the world and embrace each other!

Oh, the cute redhead and I are an item. I’m actually thinking of quitting the circus life and settling



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