Clouded Line IV

gene candeloro
8 min readAug 1, 2020

Some times what we write and what we live becomes confused

gene candeloro

Dec 14, 2019 · 7 min read

Photo by David Moum on Unsplash

Sometimes the line between what we write and what we live becomes clouded.

This is #IV in The Clouded the Line Series. Please see I and II & III

I arrived at work about 15 minutes before my shift. I got briefed by my boss about what he needed from me. I have been a lead bartender here at the Cotton Room in downtown Durham for well over two years. I have gained the respect of all bosses and owners. I often run the entire show whenever my manager needs me. He is an unbelievable man and a model to all.

He told me the event tonight was a big fundraiser with some big-time city people. “I’ve put you on the back bar; you should get good action there. Oh, and I’m assigning a new girl with you tonight. Keep your eye on her.”

I often was the new bartender trainer and it was a job I surely enjoyed. I just hoped she was a cutie. I love listening to these ‘today’ women and love their stories. They certainly aren’t the same women I knew in my 20s.

As I set up the bar, a shy and somewhat pretty girl approached. I watched her walk towards me and saw a lot of confidence in her walk. I won’t say she was very pretty, but she had a subtle, almost underlying, beauty. Beautiful green eyes and a pretty smile and though she didn’t fit my definition of ‘gorgeous,’ she certainly was easy to look at.

“Hi. My name is Amelia.” “Hi, Amelia, I’m Gene,” I told her what we can expect and how we should set up. She was very pleasant and took orders well. That relieved me; it would not be a tough night.

As we got started I chatted her up; found she had little to no real bar experience and might need some real help while training. I said, “Look, if someone orders two beers and a martini extra dry tell them I’ll get the beers while Gene makes your martini. I’ll listen for the clue.” That put her at ease.

I wasn’t the type of guy to ‘rat someone out’ because they didn’t have the full experience…

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