gene candeloro
2 min readJul 29, 2019


Photo by olivia hutcherson on Unsplash

I treat my girlfriend like a DOG.

Yup, that’s right. I admit it.

Say what you want, BUT it’s what I do.

I tell her I love her a thousand times a day.

I hug her,

I squeeze her,

I kiss her,

A thousand times a day.

I do not need a bromance

I need her sitting next to me in the truck.

I want her sleeping next to me all night and I don’t care if she hogs the bed.

Just knowing she is there is all that matters.

Weekends are all about her —

We go to the park, to the lake;

We run, we play, we swim.

When I come home from work

I tell her how much I missed her;

I ask her what she did all day;

I ask if she had a good day;

I want her to know how special she is.

I ask her if she’d like to go for a walk with me.

I want her head on my lap.

I want to rub her body.



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